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A vernier sextant - Frank Reed's collection

Sundials and the Science of Time

The science of time was the key to exploring and mapping the world. In this workshop, participants build their own sundials while learning all about time in its various forms from sidereal time and Greenwich Mean Time to local apparent time and Daylight Saving Time. And we'll discuss the nature of time as understood in modern physics, touching on relativistic time dilation and its effect on your own smartphone. We'll learn how to adjust backyard sundials, and how to read the time of day just by observing the Sun in the sky. We'll cover the Julian and Gregorian calendars, leap years and leap seconds, sextant time sights and the mysterious "equation of time", all viewed through the lens of thousands of years of fascinating history. Taught by Frank Reed, a gifted teacher and one of the world's leading experts in celestial navigation.

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