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Modern Celestial Navigation

This is not your grandparents' celestial navigation! A fast-paced introduction to celestial navigation from a 21st century perspective. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to adjust and use sextants available on the market today. We'll learn streamlined calculations using a common handheld solar-powered calculator. This workshop is designed especially for yachtsmen and recreational boaters. If you're dreaming about a trans-oceanic voyage or a circum-navigation, in this workshop you'll learn all the techniques to determine latitude and longitude anywhere on Earth using the Sun and the brighter stars.

Celestial navigation stands as the only autonomous backup to GPS and electronic navigation, and it is a tradition that connects us with maritime history. Weather permitting, class participants will have opportunities to experiment with sextant observations. We'll also learn how to use the Sun and stars as a highly accurate compass, a technique valuable in near-shore waters as well as blue-water sailing. This is real navigation, celestial navigation for the 21st century, not just a class about navigation.

Taught by Frank Reed, a gifted teacher and one of the world's leading experts in celestial navigation.


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Hank Kranichfeld wrote: 10/14/2014
Specific calculator models, or their capabilities, that will be required for the Mystic class this weekend?
Frank Reed wrote: 10/14/2014
The recommended calculator for this class, and any others offered by ReedNav, is the "casio fx-260 solar". This calculator is widely available for $10 or less at Walmart, Staples, and many other stores. If you have another model of scientific calculator that you "know and love", you can use that instead, but otherwise please purchase an fx-260 before class. I usually have a number available at class time for $10 each ($11 by credit card). If you prefer to get yours at class, please let me know in advance. Thanks.

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