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Moonrise at the Newport Bridge Full Moon; 3 May 2015 Half Moon Moon over the Newport Bridge Moon and Ship --Digital Art! Not a photo Sunrise eclipse over Manhattan Moon among the Olympic rings in London

Easy Astro Photos

This class is not currently scheduled.

Learn to take the best possible photos of astronomical objects and sky phenomena from sunsets and rainbows to moon phases, earthshine, eclipses and other astronomical events using a smartphone and other basic digital cameras. There is an art and a science to Astro-Photography, and in this workshop we will cover both. You'll learn how to determine the Moon's correct azimuth and altitude using celestial navigation techniques to line it up perfectly with your favorite bridge, lighthouse, or maybe a vessel under sail. We will also discuss tricks with exposures and polarized light that can turn an average photo of the twilight sky into a spectacular astro-photo.

The science and tricks that let us take the perfect astro-photo also allow us to analyze modern and historical astro-photos. We will apply many of the tools of traditional celestial navigation to learn how to analyze photos of the stars, sun, and moon and figure out the exact date and locations of photographic images, both modern and historical, using astronomical clues. Every photo has a hidden story, and astronomy can often tell the tale.

Along the way in this workshop, we'll encounter some of the fake astro-photos that have gone viral, and we'll consider some not-so-real phenomena like the famous (infamous?) Supermoon and see how they fit in with backyard photographic methods.

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  • Nov. 9-10:
    Modern Celestial Navigation
    Note: this session has been postponed a few days andd was formerly an evening session. Now scheduled for Friday and Saturday, this session will meet 10am-4pm both days.

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    StarTalk Television
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