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Classes in celestial navigation and related topics

A vernier sextant --from my collection Recent photo of Frank Reed Once a physicist Centennia Historical Atlas -- Created by Frank Reed Leap Seconds Conference -- October 2011

About me, Frank Reed

I teach all of the classes in celestial navigation presently offered by ReedNavigation. I have been teaching celestial navigation on a casual basis for decades, but I decided to make a formal business out of it in 2009. My interest in celestial extends back to my first class in the subject in 1978 at the age of 15. That class was offered by the "Seaport Planetarium", now the Treworgy Planetarium, at Mystic Seaport and was taught by Don Treworgy himself. I am fluent in nearly every technique and tool in celestial navigation from ancient historical methods to the most modern computer-based applications, and I am one of the world's leading experts in the topic of lunars.


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